Westlake Fall Academy 2022




Fall Academy is open to Westlake players ONLY.  It is for ALL players interested in playing for Westlake High School Lacrosse in Spring 2023, grades 9-12.  If you are going to be playing for Westlake in 2023, you should be registered and signed up for Fall Academy.



Fall Academy is strongly recommended for all players wanting to play Westlake High School Lacrosse, Spring 2023.  Fall Academy is designed for players to come together in our offseason and build culture, learn our values, improve our skills, develop our skills, develop current players, improve our culture and teach new players in preparation for 2023's campaign.  The cost is $200.


There will be no games as no other teams are planning anything in Fall Ball.  


For those desiring/interested, we may be able to take a team or two to the Rendezvous Tournament at the end of October.  A separate registration fee will apply if we choose to offer this.



The dates are as follows and ARE subject to change based on activities we do as a team (all Tuesdays and Thursdays):

September: 6*, 8, 12 (our 9/11 run), 15*, 20, 22*, 27, 29*

October: 4*, 6*, 18, 20*

We will NOT be meeting during the week of Fall Break.  All the * dates are going to be field trainings.  We are coordinating to hold these at either Westlake or Lake Mountain from 6-730PM.  The other dates are reserved for team bonding, film training, team service projects and nutrition/fitness training.


Please direct questions to: